A business process is an arrangement in which the organization’s daily tasks are handled. By re-engineering the process and providing automation solutions, the task becomes more efficient, human error is mitigated, and operation cost is reduced. As part of the service, we provide the following:

  • Evaluate the business and daily operations.
    By evaluating the daily business operations, we can advise the best road map leading to the re-engineering and automate the supply chain.
  • Re-engineer the business process to reduce operational costs.
    Re-engineering is an important step that will allow the flow of the business operation to be transparent and efficient where every team member’s efficiency can be enhanced through the process, adding clarity to the overall business model.
  • Ensure an efficient business process by designing a simulation of the process.
    We will test our design of the business process by implementing simulation rounds to identify the idle points in the business process and turn them into efficient points.
  • Identify the tasks in the process to be automated.
    Identifying which task to automate is a crucial step where most of the business tasks can be automated based on the benefits that can be achieved from automation.
  • Design the automation model of the business process.
    Automation can be performed in many various ways since diverse types of methods and algorithms can be employed. Therefore, we can provide the best-fit automation design to ensure high quality of performance.
  • Process mapping to the new automation opportunity.
    Create Business Requirement Documents (BRD) as a link between business processes and software development activities.