Artificial intelligence can enable machines to have human-like interactions and make decisions based on data and analysis. AI is based on mathematical concepts and algorithms combined with computer science to allow computers to fulfill tasks automatically, forecast events, and act as a decision support system. A decision support system (DSS) is a system based on algorithms that can help with decision making in different aspects of the business. Complicated decision making process that the mid or higher management faces can become more structured. The DSS can be an AI algorithm such as reinforcement learning, supervised learning and unsupervised learning or a combination of learning algorithms. DSS will  analyze data and make the decision based on the expected value and the data given. Information and knowledge related to the problem will be processed by the DSS to help facilitate decision making. The system can be fully automated or it can include a human intervention. As part of the AI model design and consultancy we provide the following services :
  • Identifying the tasks in the business process where AI can be implemented and lead the transfer to the AI technology.

    We carefully evaluate the business process and identify the tasks where implementing AI technology can be most efficient to ensure a high quality performance. We also will advise and guide the transformation to the AI technology.
  • Designing Decision support systems: Where day-to-day decisions can be made in an informative way based on data, computational and mathematical analysis.
  • Decision support systems can be designed in different algorithms and technologies where the purpose to generate a well informed and highly effective decisions that can make a positive impact on the business by reducing unnecessary costs and bosting profits. We will provide the best system design custom made and tailored to the business.
  • Identifying the best algorithm to implement by analyzing the data and validate the model.

  • Designing the KPI’s to measure the algorithm and monitoring the performance of the model.

  • Providing an interpretation of the algorithm where possible. 

  • Monitoring the implementation process of the AI model.

  • Providing training and workshops on the AI technology.